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Tell me more about this march. Is it merely talk at this point or are plans in progress?

I agree with others in that the time is upon us! Options are running out for those of us left. The voice must be loud and strong enough to be heard nation-wide. Working conditions for nurses are horrendous; to be a patient is dangerous at best.

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we are really trying to get this thing started. We could use a leader, an organizer or other help. check out the million nurse march site and discussions.


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There is much discussion about a million nurse march & campaign but little real organization yet. One posting states that each nurse (who is willing)in a state should contact 3 other groups who will support the nursing causes (mandatory OT, better staffing, increased reimbursement & better pay for nurses) & have a task force meeting before 10/31/00. The "campaign" should be aimed first at raising awareness of the issues through media events, meetings, rallies, letters to newspapers & politicians, flyers, posters, buttons etc..

The march could actually be 50 or more marches to state capitols (& other areas in large states) involving all nurses & health care workers.Nurses day, 2001 is the date.

If you want to get involved go for it, I emailed 3 organizations in my state & plan to have a task force meeting. I posted this under "State Rep- MA" on the Nurse to Nurse BB. As a nurse takes a political action it should be reported to provide assistance & support to others all over the country doing the same. This buletin board can be utilized to assist you. There are many postings about this here.

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