$1.4 million daily lobbying Congress about health issues

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From http://www.commoncause.org/atf/cf/{fb3c17e2-cdd1-4df6-92be-bd4429893665}/COMMONCAUSE_HEALTHCAREREPORTJUNE2009-FINAL.PDF

"...A recent poll found that 60 percent of voters believe Congress puts the interests of campaign contributors over constituents, and 79 percent are worried that dependence on large campaign contributions will prevent Congress from tackling the important issues facing America today.1 A look at the numbers shows that citizens are right to worry. Major health care interests have spent $1.4 million per day this year lobbying Congress, so you can bet the legislative battle will not simply rest on the merits of each side's argument."

I regularly and frequently exercise my rights to vote and to contact my Congressional representatives about issues. However, this is a sickening dose of reality about my futility as an individual voter and constituent. As a nurse, I do not see how this lobbying will influence Congress to help persons reach their maximum health and wellness functioning.

Your thoughts?

Katnip, RN

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Another reason hospitals can't afford proper nurse staffing ratios. That and marble tiles foyers, piano lounges, and all those "pretty things" that have nothing to do with patient care.

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