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I am new to the nursing field and I am thinking about starting an ADN program at a local community college to become an RN. Do I already have to be an RN before I can sign up with the military or does the military have any programs that you can work with them and study at the same time. I am 31 years old so I need to keep at least a part time income while I am in school just to pay the bills.

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If you want active duty military you have to have a BSN or above, with an ADN you can select reserves. You can take ASVAB test see what enlisted jobs are available and have money for college, can travel, va home loan, etc..


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Hi, you might want to get with a recruiter with one of the branches of military that your interested in. They can give you various information. You might want to check out the Nurse Corps you go to school but, it might lead to where you have to serve 8 years in the Military.

Hope you find what your looking for.


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Reserves (at least Air Force) has changed so you have to have a BSN. For active duty, all branches require you to have a BSN to receive a comission. Check out ROTC scholarships. Contrary to what's been replied, you don't owe 8 yrs, it usually depends on whether you got a 2 or 4 yr ROTC scholarship. (1 for 1 return). With a full ROTC scholarship, you get tuition paid for and a monthly stipend. Big caveat: you must finish the program. If you don't you could wind up enlisted and serving in the military to pay back the scholarship. But, the military is great! Best bet is to talk to a health professions recruiter (not just any recruiter), they generally know much more about health careers in the military.

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