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Military medic-LVN

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Has anybody challenged the nursing board for their LVN license as a military medic?

I recently passed my NCLEX-PN by challenging the nursing board as a Air Force medic and now looking to get into either LVN to RN bridge program or LVN to BSN in the state of California. I am losing hope because I am having difficulty finding a program and this is my 3rd year trying. I thought it would give me an advantage by having a LVN license but now I feel like I have less of a chance since I get put into a different bracket of "30 unit transfer" which admission usually depends on space availability.

Is anybody in the same shoes or have any advice to how to move forward? Any military friendly LVN-RN programs out there?

Honestly, any advice will be appreciated at this point.

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A lot of programs will still require you to have all of your pre-reqs before being admitted. I was also a Medic in the Army. Just got out this March. There are a few programs out there for us to fast track to get our license in one semester for LPN and 2 semesters to get your RN. But congrats on passing without having to sit thru class. To answer your question California is SUPER strict when it comes to honoring a license that was attained through examination. You may have to go to another state to do a bridge program then come back! U of Southern Nevada I believe has a LPN to RN bridge . I would suggest Excelsior bc they are really military friendly and fully accredited BUT it would be hard finding work in California

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