Middle Georgia State Spring 2016


Is anyone applying for the ASN or BSN this spring? I've applied to two schools - still waiting to hear back from MGA and they don't seem to have a good track record about timely acceptance letters. I'm getting anxious because I need to make a decision!


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I just got my BSN program acceptance letter from MGA today! Good luck!!

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@aperry245 I thought you started the ASN program last fall?! I remember you being on a thread with a few of us anxiously awaiting acceptance letters. As well as commenting about health insurance waivers. Did you not attend after all? Or did you not get in? I could def be confusing you with someone else.


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No, that was me! I made it to the first day of classes, but had some major family issues/conflicts, so I had to drop and delay. I didn't withdraw, so I'm just basically reapplying!

I emailed yesterday and they said review was being "finalized now" and letters would be sent "very soon". I'm thinking/hoping it'll be his week since apparently some BSN letters were received last week. If I remember the past few terms correctly, the BSN letters usually went out about a week before ASN.

Does anyone know if it's true that they changed the ASN program to 18 months? I've heard that two different places now, but the website has no info.


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Congrats, LHParrott!


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Hello I have a question! Maybe you can help me out? Ive also applied to MGS and I am currently waiting acceptance as a transfer student with a B.S. I am confused on when exactly do I apply to the nursing program? Do I apply when I am accepted to the school?