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Hi everyone. First, the history: I'm 36, mother of 4 daughters (16, 9, and twins7) and I work full-time @ home processing sleep studies. With that being said, I've been attending the local community college (almost done with my 2nd qtr) and I'll be able to apply to the nursing program at either Middle Ga. College in Dublin or Macon State College in Macon early next Spring for fall admission. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of either of these schools? I've heard MCG is much better than MSC, but MSC is a little closer to me (though not by much).

I know I won't be able to work fulltime when I begin the nursing program because I hardly have time to study now.! And these are just A&P, Math, etc.. Has anyone been hired for an externship at the Medical Center (or any other hospital) and how was it?

How bad is A&PII?

I know this is a rather spastic email, but I'm really excited about entering nursing school and I want to keep that fresh so I don't give up!


you may get better responses by posting in the georgia forum but i will try and help if possible. i took several science/bio courses at macon state and they were extremely difficult. although, i did well (2 a's, 1 b), i bust my behind. i didn't apply to the nursing program because they were not willing to accept my previous college courses because of how old they were.

i did however met several people who applied and some that started the program and the general concensus is the program is difficult but it definately prepares you for the nclex and the real world of nursing. one of my good friends started in the program but failed out after the first semester (she has terrible study habits and procastinates). unfortunately for her, she is having a very difficult time transferring to another program to start over. she constantly states she wished she has taken macon seriously because now she realizes that have a very good program and the difficulty it is getting into another one.

i'm not to familiar with middle ga college so i can't give you any advice but macon is a good choice imo. hope everything works out for you. good luck.

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