Volunteers in MICU???

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  3. by   Stormy
    We do have volunteers come in to ICU from time to time. Usually because there is little or no family available to be with a patient. The type of patient in particular that we get volunteer assistance for, are the long-term patients. Perhaps some type of head injury. They read to them, play cards/games, whatever is appropriate. The lady who gets daily visits at the moment has been with us since early spring - vented with Guillian-Bare.

    I think it is wonderful that volunteers give so graciously of their time to assist in the recovery process of our patients. Nurses in the unit find them a great help and appreciate their coming.

    Good luck and bless your heart!
  4. by   HazelLPN
    We love out volunteers! Volunteers get special hospital training and then onces that work in ICU get additional training...similar to an orientation of our nurse's aids.

    Many of the volunteers stock the bedside stations with supplies, help the unit clerk at the desk, go to the blood bank for blood products, visit with patients who are A&O, help set up/tear down rooms, and even assist the nursing staff in patient care. This consists of helping us turn/position patients, holding for IVs/procedures, or transport them to radiology. We have a nice young man in high school who is planning on majoring in Pre Med and he is helping us so much and gaining valuable expereince for college and his future. We also have several older people who have had relatives in ICU and are able to give comfort to familes.

    We simply could not do without our wonderful volunteers!