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  1. I'll try this again, I'm doing an assignment for a post-grad program and need to interview a senior manager, educator, or clinical nurse specialist in critical care. I've tried posting a message to the student assistance forum, but no luck. So, I'm hoping here on the critical care forum I'll have more success. I'd just like to do an email interview with you about some issues you see in critical care. If you could PLEASE spare some time you will be a life-saver at this point!

    -What impact do you feel your department provides on the health of the population?
    oDo you feel that your unit often times is responsible for the prolonging of life more for the family's benefit than actual benefit to the patient?
    -What problems or concerns do you feel are present in critical care?
    oHow does the nursing shortage effect your critical care unit?
    oIf you are in the does private insurance/no insurance effect your critical care unit?
    -Opportunities and challenges for change in the immediate future?
    oWith the nursing shortage do you feel you are having to now accept new-grads or less experienced staff and educate/train them up to par?
    oIs having a BScN more or less important now than it was years ago?
    oHow does the specialization of ICUs (burn unit, micu, sicu, ccu, etc.) effect your unit?

    To the mods of this board, could you please leave this message up for at least a couple of days? I've tried posting a message on the nursing student assistance forum with no success, and even bumped it back up to the top once. I just need to connect with one person to get this assignment done.....Please?!?!
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