Shift change intubation

  1. So...I had an admit at 1745 who had been at cath lab for a cardioversion and needed ICU monitoring for respiratory issues. Pt was on a 35% VM with a RR of 35-40 (had been like this all day per report) alert, oriented, able to answer ?'s appropriately. I had RT attempt an ABG and called pulmonologist in the mean time. MD gave orders for Bipap (ABG wasn't able to be done) and would be by to see pt. Pt's o2 sats >95, rate was 25-30 on bipap. He had also rec'd breathing treatments. At 1900, MD comes on unit and decides he should intubate pt, and put in central line. (the md had seen the pt earlier too so was aware of resp situation). The night shift RN saw I was still running around between triying to get admit orders, get consent for line placement, etc, and give report on my other pt so she asked if I wanted her to go in there for the intubation and line placement, and I said that was fine, I could give her report after the pt was intubated. Was this wrong? I gave report to the other RN receiving my other pt and then gave report to the RN who was taking over the now intubated pt. Should I have assisted with the intubation and then given report on my 2 pts? Thoughts please....
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  3. by   hopefullICUnurse77
    have you assisted with lots of intubations before? If not, then you missed an opportunity, but if so, you just took one for the team to ensure a speedy shift change. I say no harm there.
  4. by   Ahhphoey
    I would have done the same thing in that situation. This allowed the nurse receiving your other patient to get report and get started right away rather than having to wait for you to finish assisting with the intubation and line placement. Also, the oncoming nurse for the pt being intubated was able to jump right in and get a quick start to her shift.
  5. by   chani
    well done for focussing on the many items that needed to be done and not getting caught up in the emergency. Too often I see the outgoing shift running around finishing their work while the oncoming shift is sitting at the desk chatting about the latest TV show. Teamwork is an essential item in ICU and too many nurses only focus on what they have to do.