Seminars for CCRN Prep

  1. Anyone ever take one? Who did you use and did it help? I taking the 2 Day CCRN Review from Med-Ed in a few weeks. They say they have a 98.8 passage rate. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   rizzle

    Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio is the best speaker I've ever heard!
  4. by   Bookworm14
    I took the 2 day review from Med Ed and I really learned alot and enjoyed it. My presenter was Eulala Chapman and she did a great job explaining things in ways that made sense.

    I am taking the CCRN exam this Thursday and the biggest help has been the tapes and book by Laura Gasparis. She is a dynamic speaker and things just sink in and make sense. The tapes and book can be pricey but maybe you could split the cost with others in your unit. Good luck!