Returning wasted blood to a line? - page 4

When you draw blood from a central line, or an a-line, or a peripheral IV, you first draw out a few mLs of "waste" blood, then you draw your labs, then flush. What do you all think about the idea... Read More

  1. by   pedspro
    This is called an unregulated blood tranfusion.
    I have thouroughly researched this for PICU and PEDS. You can return waste on a central line using a closed system and a heparinized syringe . However, you would need a Md. order (at least) . The Infusion Nursing Society does not support this practice.Where I work they even return waste on peripherals(not evidenced based paractice) However I do not and will not return waste on peripherals untill my management can provide me with some research.....(still waiting, it has been 2 years)
    If blood volume is crucial one should consider alternate means of collecting a sample, as in I-stat .
    The waste volume depends on the type of line your patient has.