Returning to work after 2 years leave

  1. I am an ICU nurse who has been out of the nursing field for 2years.
    Does any one know of existing refresher coarses offered specifically for ICU nurses.
    I am interested in what the content is, location, fees and actual worth.
    Does anyone have any other ideas for someone returning to nursing after an extensive leave.
    Thanks, kristine

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  3. by   whitedog
    Yes, Kristine, I have some advice.....The grass is much greener at your house!!! If you don't have to go back to work, DON'T!! The jungle is bigger than it was 2 years ago!! Good Luck, Carol

  4. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Kristine,
    It's pretty intimidating to think about returning to a critical care environment after two years. I remember how I felt coming back from a maternity leave! Many hospitals have a challenge process for their ICU's for people with experience, but that means doing all of your review on your own. If you contact the educator on site, they will probably offer you a copy of their orientation objectives to study from. If you want a more formal process, Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) has a critical care course that that can be done mostly on-line and by correspondance. I think that it's great that you are considering coming back.