Resume/Cover Letter Tips for Landing an ICU Interview

  1. Hey guys,
    I am planning on applying to some ICU positions in the next couple months and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I just graduated in May 2011 and have been working on a stroke/cardiac (med-tele) unit for the past year. I am BCLS and ACLS certified, and I also have my NIH Stroke certification. I have always wanted to work in the ICU and during my senior year of nursing I was selected to do an internship in the ICU (which I absolutely LOVED). Should I just include my work experience or should I put my internship experience on there as well to show that I have at least had SOME ICU experience?
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  3. by   airborneinf82
    Well I was in your shoes, almost exactly. I did my final immersion in a M/S ICU and went to work on a telemetry/intermediate care unit. I just recently got hired in to a medical ICU and I am currently working out my last weeks before I finish here and move for this new job.

    Personally I stressed everything that I could that I felt would help to get the position. I mentioned about doing my immersion in the ICU and that I discovered then where my true passion for nursing was. I also mentioned about starting on a tele floor to help to build a solid foundation in my nursing practice. While I didn't mention it in my cover letter, during the interview the director seemed to like the fact that we do certain drips (cardizem, insulin, nitro, heparin, amiodorone, etc). In the cover letter though I did stress my ability to think critically and to be able to handle stressful situations, and more importantly, to continue to function effectively under such stress.

    Good luck to you! I am so excited to start in the ICU in the next couple of weeks and I hope you find your dream job!!
  4. by   tsicuRN1
    Hey! The ICU is for sure the best place to be! You should definitely mention your internship in school and how you developed your passion for critical care during that time. You went on to a med/surg tele just to get that "experience" all the nursing professors tell you to do... time management or something. (You dont need it) But the fact that you have some experience and do know most of the basics, they will much likely pick you over any new grad that applies. If you get an interview, bring your resume, cover letter (2 of each, just in case). ICU nurses are known for being ocd/anal whatever you want to call it so come super prepared. Even type out a list of questions you have for them at the end of the interview. It will impress them, I promise. Good luck!