Northwestern sicu vs Rush sicu?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Has anyone worked in Northwestern's SICU or Rush's SICU? I would like to get some insight from those who have worked there/know about these units, and if you can share your experience. Does anyone have pro's and con's they would like to mention? Any help would be greatly appreciated. When deciding on two different hospitals, it is hard for me to decide how to figure out which would be best for me.

    If one is already working in one of the facilities, is it best for one to stay in same facility and transfer? or does that not really factor in?

    Thanks in advance.

    Info I have gathered:

    Northwestern's SICU:
    -level 1 trauma (great experience)
    -magnet hospital/large teaching facility
    -less cost for insurance
    -poor tuition reimbursement
    -low pay

    Rush's SICU
    -not a level 1 trauma
    -trained to care for ECMO patients
    -magnet hospital/large teaching facility
    -competitive pay
    -higher cost for insurance
    -great tuition reinbursement
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