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  1. hello to whoever is reading this!! new to this website and I like it. I'm a new MICU nurse, but not new to nursing. Most of my nursing career thus far (5 years) has been in LTC,Sub acute(LTC haha) and some agency. I've been working at the Veterans hospital in St. Louis MO where I was initially working Rehab. Was so burnt out and bored that I knew I couldn't do that any longer. I was getting lazy and knew that if i didn't make a change soon, my work performance would start suffering. I had been thinking about trying out ICU but balked cause I was kinda scared. I had this preconcepted idea of what it would be like and was terrified of it. However my total lack of interest in
    phys rehab forced me to take the plunge. I absolutely love it and kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Now after 3 months of being in the unit, my attitude of not pursuing nursing any further has changed. I want to get my BSN (diploma nurse here) raise my GPA and get into a CRNA school. I went to the CRNA section on here already and 99.9% of the posts were from folks like me wanting more information on what a CRNA career entailed. So I went to the MOANA web site (website for CRNA's) and found some email addresses of registered people there..emailed them telling them who I was and what i wanted to know. I got a reply back from one person who is local and is more than willing to meet with me or talk on the phone since he is of the opinion that Email alone would not be enough to satisfy my curiosity. So my recommendation to other CRNA Wannab's is to look for people who already are and use them as a resource.

    Wheewww... take a breath...

    Cya later!!!
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    What is the MOANA website? www.?