1. ok how does your institution motivate nurses do increase their self education? Do you have incentives a point system money reimbursement a ladder program? We are currently trying to revamp our staff education. Everyone meets the requirements to work in icu education wise but they don't seem motivated to go out on their own to get ceu's on current trends or better understanding of what we do deal with. There are a few who want to just know more so they can be better at what they do but then the majority need incentive of some kind. We already recieve a 5% pay increase just for working in the unit and really can't offer more then tell me your ideas...thenurse92
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  3. by   babynars
    Hello! I'm deciding whether to take my stateboard exam in Arkansas or Utah? Is it really true that they don't require ceu's in Arkansas? What about Utah? I don't mind taking ceu's I got tons of them whenever I graduated from my BSN program within one year of being registered when I was in the Philippines. I'm new here in the US and is wondering and getting confused as to why there are so different rules per state? It's one whole country and there should be only one rule, it's so confusing! Can you tell me how well do you like working in Arkansas? Thanks and God Bless!