Kardex for critical care

  1. We are developing a kardex for our unit... something that will follow the patient to PCU/step-down/etc. Does anyone have any samples that they would be willing to share? Anything you guys can offer would be very appreciated!
    Thank you!!
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  3. by   tallytownerrn
    Our clinical informatics team was able to electronically pull information from the patients chart to create a Kardex report that the other units could print and use. All of the patients demographics, diagnosis, past medical/surgical history and current orders pull to that report. We also have a rounds report that pulls forward the patients last vital signs, lab results, and current medications. With these two reports, the nurse is pretty well informed before we even call them with report. We asked them if they have reviewed the report and fill in any gaps with our assessment data. This limits the time it takes to give the hand off. Hope this helps.