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  1. I've been a night shift RN my whole career (3.5yrs total, 2 in critical care), until last november when I switched over to days. I've had a really difficult time with the pace of days. the hospital I work at is brand new (1 1/2 yrs old) and the first in this area to have complete computer charting. It is not a teaching hospital (until august I worked at a well-established teaching hospital) so there is a lot more interaction for me with "grown-up" doctors, including being the speaker for my patients during rounds. My very supportive manager would like me to be precepted again, and gave me the option of (1)preceptor on days who, as she put it, may have some "preconceived perceptions" of me as a nurse and may not be a very patient person, or (2) being precepted on nights with a very organized, patient, experienced RN who is excited to precept me (all with the idea of returning to day shift after being precepted). My concern is, I felt pretty comfortable and confident with my organization for night shift, and I'm worried doing a preceptorship on nights would not be giving me the help i need to be prepared for the chaos of days; but I'm afraid of being sabotoged if I get precepted on day shift!!! If any of you have any advice, or know of any references (i.e. books, articles, etc) I could use, I would really appreciate it.
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    Of all the nurses on day shift there is only ONE option?? Is there a sister unit or similar unit in which you could complete an extended orientation with a nurse who was not "familiar with you"?