ICUs in Houston, TX

  1. Hey everyone,

    Does anyone out there know anything about ICUs in Houston, TX. My husband is being relocated there in January and don't know anything about any of the hospitals over there. I need to work in an ICU for CRNA school experience, which I plan on applying to next October. Does anyone have any advice?

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  3. by   tswim
    Your best bet would be to start with the Texas Medical Center hospitals as they have the highest acuity ICUs. Try St. Luke's TMC, The Methodist Hospital, and Memorial Hermann Hospital (the busiest trauma center in the country). Each of these also has satellite hospitals throughout the city that vary in size and acuity.
  4. by   eCCU
    The Texas Medical Center definitely for a good start.
    St Lukes and Methodist for their CVICU and CCU, Transplant ICU.
    Memorial Hermann and Ben Taub level 1 trauma, both their Trauma SICUs are very busy.

    Good luck and welcome to Houston
  5. by   TX RN
    Houston Med Center Hospital's rock. The experience there is phenomenal.

    Best of luck.