ICU Unit and Internist

  1. Hi to all, we are having quite the discussion at work. Internist and what they do in ICU units vs intensivist. This is a vey long story so I will just ask a couple of questions and hopefully get some answers we have to submit a report byTues AM.

    How many bed do you have?
    Do you have aboard cert Crit Care doc/ intensivist?
    Does your unit run with only Internists?
    What problems do you find either way?

    We had a 4 bed unit that with the completion of construction we will have 12 beds. We will be hiring an intensivest fairly soon, but until that person is hired we need to deal with the internist who feel they will not be able to deal with the > of the patient load of crit care pts.

    Please help I will check in over the weekend.

    Thanks Kicken
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