Grady Health New Nurse Residency

  1. Has anybody heard back from Grady Health for new nurse Residency 2018 Spring cohort?
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  3. by   elgrn18
    I have not either, interviewed thursday 2/8
  4. by   AlabamaBsn
    Have they already conducted all of the interviews? My application still says under review
  5. by   elgrn18
    im not sure if all but lots interviewed last Thursday
  6. by   Uniden
    Their HR is very slow....I know a girl who was accepted for their Aug 2017 cohort and she didn't receive an official offer until June.
  7. by   BugabooRN
    Hello, i received an offer for the IMCU 2018 cohort summer and i'm going to accept. I interviewed 2/8 with several others.
  8. by   elgrn18
    When did you get an offer?
  9. by   BugabooRN
    Quote from elgrn18
    When did you get an offer?

    I got the email yesterday afternoon.
  10. by   elgrn18
    Thank you for your response! Still hoping to hear back soon, I didn't interview for that unit.
  11. by   Murse_Tonioooooooo
    I received offers on February the 16th with a "reply-by" deadline of the 21st.
  12. by   deanpatton
    I received and accepted my offer from the Trauma/SICU, pumped to meet whoever else accepted their offers