Good Critical Care Publications?

  1. I'm an RN about to go into my last semester where I'll be doing some ICU/CCU/PCU precepting. Upon graduation I'm hoping to land a job in critical care, preferably ICU.

    Just wondering what nursing magazines you all read and which you feel are the most useful... Looking to get some regular reading material!


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  3. by   dfk
    check out they have some great publications. if you join, i believe you get the american journal of critical care, which i find to be a great resource.
  4. by   sunshineCCRN
    i joined aacn. i find their Critical Care Nurse magazine really helpful.

    the Society of Critical Care Medicine has published guidelines for treating certain patients (end of life, neuromuscular blockade, sepsis, etc) which are the gold standard in critical care. definitely check those out. they should be free. Guidelines

    ps-nurses can join sccm, too.
  5. by   SICU/TraumaRN
    I just recently graduated from a BSN program in May and went right into a level 1 SICU/Trauma ICU after having 180 hrs of clinical in critical care. The BEST reference that I found and utilize is Critical Care Nursing Secrets by Schell and Puntillo 2nd edition. It is broken down by systems and in a question format. It is just a wonderful resource and I use it quite often.

    Good luck to you
    SICU/Trauma RN