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  1. Hi everyone I need advice,

    I am nurse with BSN going for my DNP (FNP). I work as mother-baby nurse (6yrs) and Med/Surg (2 yrs). I reaally really wnat to work on ICU unit. I joined med/surg with only one dream that it will pave my path ( in relation to nursing skills) towards ICU. I applied at several ( including the hospitals i work at), but I am not being taken into consideration.When I had my phone interview they only asked me if I had teleexperince, i told them I do take care of patients on telemonitor and hence i think I have experince with Tele. BUt I was not considered for interview with unit director. I feeling very disappointed and need your advice what skills/steps should I take for getting a job on ICU unit (My dream).
    I do wantt o mention here i do not want to work in ICU becuase i am going for advance prcatice nursing. even after earning my DNP i still want to keep the job of floor nurse because bedside nursing is my dream job.
    I will apprecite your help and guidance.
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  3. by   SourcerKendra
    You may want to consider a progressive care unit first in order to work your way into the ICU. Every unit is definite so it depends on the facility whether or not they are open to someone moving from Med/Surg to ICU.
  4. by   JabRN17
    Thanks SourcerKendra for replying, in fact, I joined Med/surg thinking that it will ease my way to ICU but it seems that it is not enough. But, I think you are right i should go for the PCU first and then transfer to ICU.