Flolan, again

  1. hey all, I posted a flolan question before, but have a different question. Can you help?

    I thought I had a thorough understanding, until tonight. We're sending a patient home on long term therapy. Mom, nervous as hell, asks me what to do if they loose access, while they call 911 and wait for EMS.

    Apparently the pulmonologist told her that if the pt. goes 30 minutes without the drug... the patient WILL DIE. Now I walk around that and talk about rebound PHTN, flash Pulm edema, possible vent, worst case. MOM says NO, the doc said she WILL DIE in 30 minutes.

    floored, I ask the staff, no crap, all 4 nurses say the patient will die, 30 minutes off flolan. HOW? I ask... no scientific responses. I look up the glaxo w. site.... no mention of death in 30 minutes....

    So, I've never heard of this, am floored that my peers just accepted this as fact without question... so here it is...

    Is this true? I feel like a horses arse, as I firmly think this is a political farse to unnecessarily scare the heck out of uneducated folk... but my peers have bought into it.

    AM I an IDIOT here... and this is a well know fact?


    and thank you
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  3. by   zambezi
    Hello...I just found your last flolan thread again...I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who explained what the medication is to me (as I stated last time, we don't use it where I work). I am interested in seeing the answers to you question!