Coping skills for dealing with trauma - page 2

I'm in my 10th month as a Burn ICU nurse. Lately we've been dealing with a lot of high-acuity situations (sick patients, victims of violent crime, child abuse) and family member distress. I feel as... Read More

  1. by   catamounts303
    I've heard a lot of the midnight thinking, insomnia, racing thoughts, and just dread and exhaustion of going on shift again is PTSD. I always thought post traumatic stress was something that happened to soliders something you brought back from a war. Apparently critical care Nurses/Doctors are incredibly susceptible to PTSD. You sound like an awesome Nurse and I can see exactly where you're comming from. Talk to co-workers who you can trust/talk to in confidence about your feelings, not the ones that will say "well kid this just ISN'T for you". Right now you need people who can relate not lecture. On your days off spend the $80 at the spa for a massage. Plan your days off to be real fun once the kids are off to school or your committments are done. Find a fun place for lunch. Get an excersize routine going at the health club, oh and did I mention a massage & spa whirlpool treatment? Be with people (going out to eat, drinks, dancing, on a Friday night) try not to be allone too much. Because it is true this is probably one of the most stressful things you ever could do in life but also one of the most important things you could do in life. Atleast the OR/ED you get the case and then ship them on.