Can you stand another new grad question???

  1. I know this repetitive BUT- I am an almost new Canadian grad considering ICU placement. As a grad in Canada we have extensive clinical hours- total of over 1700 hours in three intensive years. Almost 300 of those hours are ICU hours- as I was able to pick ICU as a pregrad placement and have been working along side a RN for three months.
    I really want this- and I think that is half the battle in being sucessful. I am eagar, not a kid (mature student) and have some years behind me as a RPN ( LPN).
    I know that I am case building BUT- what is the general feeling out in the I nuts to want to go to ICU right off the bat. I had 300 hours of pregrad in a med-surg area before ICU and handled up to 18 pts at one I understand the concept of organization and priority setting.
    Thanks for any and all input!


    p.s. I am looking at moving to Arizona where learning is facilitated- more so than local hospitals in Ontario at this point.
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  3. by   Lynn Casey RN
    Hi JMP!You are going to be told that you should have 2 years med surg experience first.However,I love to take on a new grad,keen and eager,full of questions,with no bad habits!I believe ICU nurses are born not created!Anyways,if accepted into an ICU go for it!However,make sure you have ACLS,Basic monitoring, and you should find a hospital that offers a critical care course(1 month or more) first.It's great that you were able to spend your preceptorship in an ICU setting,but remember that doesn't make you an expert.PLease,never say "I know that...I know that....etc.Hopefully,where ever you chose to work offers the above courses and a mentor.I have 12 years critical care experience in MSICU,CCU&NICU.I still have things to learn.I tell all new staff come to me and no question is stupid.Good Luck and have fun!