Being on the Code team freaks me out - page 2

Hi everyone, I have been an RN for 6 years --Oncology 5 yrs and ICU 1. Every time i see i am on the code team/rapid response team i freak out:uhoh3: Just the thought of going to another floor and... Read More

  1. by   lorilou22RN
    This will pass. I love responding to codes, or doing the Rapid Response Team (when patients are crumping). Pretty soon codes are the best part of nursing (how sick is that!). Now my stomach gets in knots, when I have to coordinate staffing for a 40 bed Level 1 and Level 2 ICU.
  2. by   optimus_prime
    in my work settings... we will initiate the code and while waiting for the team to arrive (Team consist of consultant - anyone who is around... too bad if happen during night shift... have to wait for the in-charge consultant..., medical officer, administrator or unit manager, pharmacist, anaest, ICU/CCU nurse)we have to do our level best.... Eventhough I've handled many many code blue.... but the thrilled feeling will always be there...

    especially when the doctor is not arrived yet... i had one experience whereby the pt was in VT-VF... the family was in the room.. but waiting for the crash cart to be pushed in was like taking an ages... i've no choice except to give a precordial thump which was being misunderstood by the family member.... dealing with the family who refused to wait outside is nerve-recking during this situation... as we have to keep calm (eventhough we're not.... most of the times)...
  3. by   squirlkeeperCCRN
    Going from Oncology focus being on comfort most of the time, to ICU life saving no matter what mentality is very anxiety producing. I know because I took the same route that you did (Oncology for 12 years, ICU for almost 8). I remember the feeling when I started doing resource and went to all of the codes and traumas. Very scarey at first but it is as easy as ABC...seriously make this your mantra and follow it and you will do well. Also remember you will not save everyone, it is not possible. More experience will make you more confident. Hope this helps.