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I am a Waukesha County Tech pre nursing student. After this semester I only have Micro and Advanced A&P left. I really don't want to do both in the same semester, but taking all of next year to take 2 classes is equally unappealing to me.

I had planned on taking Micro this summer as a hybrid but it's looking like that won't happen due to the class being full and I'm not eligible to register there yet.

WCTC's summer course will not work with my schedule, I have 3 kids at home. I can swing a sitter twice a week but that's about it.

I looked in to LTC's all online class, but getting info on the details from them is near impossible.

Anyone have any suggestions or info on how LTC's online micro class works?

Thanks :D



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I don't have any information on taking Micro online, but I will say this. I just took Micro at UW Oshkosh along with Anatomy. I was terrified of Micro before I took it and I actually really enjoyed it. It's not as scary as it seems like it would be! I also have 3 kids and I'm going through a divorce so it is doable! Good luck with whatever you choose!



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I did get into the hybrid class, I start next week. I am SOOOO nervous, mainly about it being partially online.

Anyone else have experience with hybrid summer classes?