Microbiology Lab for California License

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Hi! I graduated with my BSN in Illinois and have been licensed and working as a nurse in Texas for ~4 years. I am moving to California this Summer with my husband and began the process for a California license back in March. I have now learned I am missing the 1 credit Microbiology lab. 
someone at the BON said straighterline works, but I’m uneasy about it since it isn’t a college. Anyone else in this boat have any luck with online labs? I’m just scared since they’re so picky and I’ve already sunk so much money in this process. 



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I’m in the same boat as you. I applied back in March and have been an active RN for the past 20 year and held a license in 3 other states without incident and they just told me yesterday that my transcript was missing the lab component from Microbiology (which I took 25 years ago!). I am beyond frustrated at this ridiculous requirement for nurses who already hold licenses.