WSU second career program Interviews

  1. Has anyone that applied to Wayne States second career nursing program, received a letter to set up and interview? I so want to get into Wayne State!
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  3. by   JazzyOneRN
    Yes I interview on May 15th...Do you have all your prereq's complete?
  4. by   msnice1
    Because Wayne State wanted intro to biology and intro chemistry, which mine they do not take. I have micro and organic bio chem. It looks like I will not be interviewing. Also I need to pay my application fee, but if I need intro classes then, I am just going to forget Wayne State. I do not need the classes for any other colleges second career program. Also My husband will not support me taking lower level classes that I have taken advanced classes and done very well.

    It looks like I am going to apply out of state.
  5. by   JazzyOneRN
    Dont give up? They gave interview dates to those who have already completed or will complete the prereq's by June 1st. Certains schools have certain requirements...They do take micro and org bio chem...The do need into to bio and into to chem...If at all possible apply next year...Even Oakland U wants the same classes you mentioned..Into to bio, chem, org chem, micro psy and dev psy...So they all pretty much want the same...
  6. by   msnice1
    I have Micro and I have Organic Bio chem. They will take them. I do not have intro to biology and they did not take my intro to chem. My husband will not let me take the classes just for Wayne State. He is paying for the classes so I will not take a low level class when I have taken higher level classes that go over a great deal of the same material the lower level classes. Michigan and Michigan State does not require intro to chem or intro to biology. The out of state program I am looking at does not as well.

    Out of state education and jobs looks like the way I am going.
  7. by   Micki72
    where are you looking at out of state?
  8. by   JazzyOneRN
    Well I wish you nothing but the best with your journey in the pursuit of nursing...You will get in somewhere!
  9. by   god-is-love
    hi msnice1,

    i did hear of the wsu interviews just recently, they sent me an invitation. this is a very new process & took me by suprise. i guess all of these programs are changing tactics. i would recommend applying to every school u could in- state & out of state. there aren't as many accelerated programs as there r traditional so it's pretty limited. don't give up on michigan i have learned that some of the information they provide online is inaccurate. u should try attending some of the information meetings and speaking with an advisor. i have been in the same situation twice with two different schools where i thought my credits wouldn't transfer and they explained to me that they have a master system and what we see online is not always updated so the classes that they are accepting wouldn't be posted online. hope this helps, good luck! :d
  10. by   msnice1
    All my transcripts have been reviewed. I will have to go in and look at the information dates they have. I am going to call and see if I can talk to an counselor.:angryfire

    I am looking at Indiana.
  11. by   god-is-love
    great!!! i hope everything moves in your favor, i know it can be frustrating. from my experience, its is almost impossible to meet with an advisor @ wsu, but their info. sessions were very helpful. u of m is by far the most helpful school i have experienced, they will direct u to the right person and get all of ur concerns cleared up. u of d has their own accelerated career councelor that specifically handles new applicants in the program, they will be more than willing to answer any questions her name is aura cazares. not sure how soon u plan on entering, but most schools offer contingent admission while u finish up ur pre-reqs & some universities offer the clep exam to test out of subjects that don;t transfer (there is a fee of course), might be good 2 ask @ the info session. i know that u of d has just opened up a january cohort that they are looking 2 fill. hope that helps u.
  12. by   msnice1
    Thank you for your information. I was wondering if Wayne State has it where you can test out. That is the only way I will be able to go to Wayne State.

    Thanks everyone has been great.
  13. by   JazzyOneRN
    Yes I do know that you can CLEP out of Intro to Biology and Life Span Psych..I would call them and ask what courses you can clep out of?
  14. by   LCCrn4me
    i got a letter too. i dont even think i completed the application.