WCCCD nursing fall 2012 hopefuls! - page 7

hey guys i have been reading on here for a while but have never written! i just finished applying for the fall semester and im soooo nervous! i got good points... 3.83 so i got full points there, got... Read More

  1. by   cbrooks1127
    I didnt put it on my essays or h.s. diploma, i just put it on every page of my transcripts
  2. by   wcccd_rn_student
    i have it on my essay but not my high school diploma
  3. by   wcccd_rn_student
    anyone get their happy letters today???
  4. by   RN2B-72
    No letter yet for me
  5. by   cbrooks1127
    Still no letter !!!
  6. by   wcccd_rn_student
    none here either... i though today would have been the latest
  7. by   waitingforletter
    Still no letter either. This is a joke, they should not be able to do this to people.
  8. by   msmarcia
    No letter yet!!!!!! How can that be if they mailed them when they told us they did??????????
  9. by   cbrooks1127
    seriously if it is not here by tomorrow I'm calling them again.. this is ridiculous.. they are so unorganized.
  10. by   tkosmalski
    Called Friday and they said they went out before 2....called today and they said they were mailed out today!!!!! AGAIN!!!!
  11. by   msmarcia
    Anybody have any ideas on who can b contacted that has authority over their office? This is unacceptable
  12. by   cbrooks1127
    its definitely unacceptable.. but it seems like you can never get the same answer about ANYTHING from anyone over there. There started telling people they were sent out monday and now its a week later and now they are just being sent out? wow
  13. by   wcccd_rn_student
    they whole office is messed up... i spoke with the dean though and she said they are out... but if they dont come tomorrow i would call and complain!