UofM-Flint Nursing Program - Getting In

  1. Hi All, Just curious if anyone out there has any helpful tips. I'm currently putting together all of my information for entry into the program. Has anyone recently been accepted? Any useful information you would like to share? Thanks in advance!! Future RN - Jen
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  3. by   starnik14
    Well first I would like to say, " Good luck." I don't know much about U of M nursing program, but I was curious if you could tell me about you experience? Like how long it took and what classes you had to take, I am currently enrolled at Baker College and I am finished with all my pre-reqs, but it is a very limited enrollment so I have to keep waiting. I have been thinking about transfering to U of M, But i am to scared. Thanks so much
  4. by   daisyrug
    I actually am enrolled at Baker and UofM, because of your same problem. I'm going with whichever I get in first. I am retaking a couple of classes at baker to get my GPA up, which I think is ridiculous, but I don't have a choice. I have 2 B's........... Anyways, the entry process for U of M is very intense and alot of work, but may be worth it. They do not just look at GPA, there are many other factors such as a Narrative that you write, references, you have to take the NET test, any work experience or credentials. So it's more of a whole person view, rather than just the grades which is nice. There is also limited enrollment like Baker, but maybe a better chance. Good luck to you!
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    wow, you must have a full load right now. I think that is a great idea, but do they care if you are enrolled at two schools? I would like to do that also, but did you really have to take bioethics? I am just curious because Ireally don't want to take too many other classes if I do transfer? I also wanted to know how long you have been at U of M? From you pre- reqs at Baker how many other classses did you have to take at U oof M? I do know that all of our credits transfer. Well thanks so much and please let me know I also have to re-take B's, it is so sad........
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    I will be Graduating this May from the U of M-Flint program. Let me know what questions you have and I will try to answer them the best that I can.

  7. by   ZiggyVonSchnauzer
    "I would like to do that also, but did you really have to take bioethics? I am just curious because Ireally don't want to take too many other classes if I do transfer?"

    Just an FYI:

    The website for U of M-Flint's BSN program is:

    If you are considering transferring, I would seriously consider taking the classes that you are able to complete before admission while you are waiting to be accepted to the program. Tuition increases once you are accepted to the nursing program, even for a non-nursing course (i.e. Eng112). For 13 credit hours last semester it was $3500.

    These classes include:
    -Any Gen. Ed. requirements
    -NSC 168 Bioethics
    -CHM 252 Biochemistry
    -NSC 207 Pathophysiology
    -NSC 209 Nutrition
    -NSC 233 Pharmacology
    -NUR 308 Research in Nursing

    Let me know if this helps!
  8. by   kmnurse
    Does the BSN require you to take classes at um flint. i know ou wants you to take so many credits at their school before you can apply. is it the same for um flint