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  1. Hello,

    You can call me Steve, I am trying to get into the Nursing Program in UDM. I just want to see if any of you have similar experiences with me or coming from the same background.

    I am coming from a Community College, I applied for UDM Nursing last year 2009 and I got rejected.
    Two weeks after the rejection letter, I received another letter, it stated that if I want to be put on the waitlist for 2010 that I have to write an intent letter to Dr. XXXX (head of nursing), and I have to submit drug-screening tests and go through criminal background check. I did all that and was put on the waitlist for 2010. Its weird that they did not make me go through the drug-screening tests and criminal background last year 2009 when I applied, only this year.

    These are the prereqs grade on my file for fall 2010:
    -Intro to Psych: A = repeat
    -Sociology: B+
    -Gen. Bio: B- = repeat
    -Microbio: B
    -Basic Chem: A = repeat
    -Second Chem: B-
    -A&P: A = repeat
    -Eng Composite I: A = repeat
    -Eng Composite II: B+
    NET TEST: 87% - repeat
    GPA: 3.05 (It turned out 3.05 because this GPA is based on all courses I have ever taken in my life)

    My application is complete, and I was told by my Nursing Advisor that I would hear a decision letter from UDM no later than August. But some people here already got their decision letter, all my pre-reqs and other required documents were submitted by the end of march but my nursing advisor told me that it would make it on time, because they are accepting more students in April.

    I know my record is not a good looking one. But I would like to hear from some of the people who are still waiting on their decision letter from UDM and currently are on the 2010 waitlist.

    And to all the students who already got their acceptance letter, could you please tell me when you submitted your application and when you got your acceptance letter.

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  3. by   Murse13
    Anyone from UDM nursing program? or currently on the waitlist for fall 2010 that got accepted early or not yet?
  4. by   gumby1411
    I have a friend that started UDM's program in January. I'm not sure when she applied, but she did tell me that she got her acceptance letter only 3 weeks after applying. She had a very strong application, though. I wish I could be of more help. Have you heard anything from them yet?
  5. by   Murse13
    No I have not heard anything from them, they said I might hear from them around august if I dont hear anything from them this june or july