Take a low pay in Hospital, or higher pay in ECF?

  1. I have an interview after working diligently to find a job for 2months! However, it is for a very small hospital where nurses do all pt care, and they pay in the very low 20's. I also have the possibility of working in an EFC, making nearly 30. The EFC is about 1.5 hours away, and the hospital 1 hr away, but I can carpool with people I know to the EFC. I am torn, as the difference in pay is huge, but I really would like to get hospital experience. That doesn't mean I have to stay either place forever. What is the average starting pay for new grads. (BTW, I have my RN). How do hospitals like it when you start out in EFC's? One friend I have says you get as much med/surg experience in the EFC as the hospital, because the hospitals stabalize them, and send them back to the EFC. I am really torn, but I need to start working. I want to start working!

    Advise? Experience? Please comment!
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