Summer Intern/Externships?????

  1. does anyone know of any intern and/or externships that are available over the summer for student nurses??? now is the time to start applying for them. the only one i know of, is an externship at uofm. i am hoping to find a few more to apply for b/c sooo many people will be applying for that uofm one and they only take so many. i did find another one at sjmhs, however that was only for nursing students who where in a bsn program, which i can not apply for.

    this winter i will have completed my acute care 1&2 classes, and will only have one nursing semster left (next fall), in the washtenaw community collage adn program. i know that some of those have very particular requirements.

    i would prefer something in ann arbor, but would also be willing to apply for some metro detroit area ones aswell, to better my chances of being accepted somewhere. the pay is not much of an issue, i would rather not get paid at all, and have a better learning experiecne, than an externship (where you get paid) and potentially have a lesser learning experience. please let me know, if you have heard of any good offers for student nurses available this summer 2007. thank you
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  3. by   justjenny
    During nursing school I looked for the same type of program, and never found one. Instead, I got a job at a local hospital as a contingent nursing assistant. As a contingent, I could work nearly full time (and get paid) during the summer and then when school started back up I worked maybe once per week or once every other week.
    This was an advantage because I was already an employee within the hospital and EASILY got an RN position before graduation.

    Just thought it is something for you to consider.....