Schoolcraft College RN program

  1. Hi, I'm currently taking all the pre-reqs for Schoolcraft College. I wanted to know how long did you guys wait on the waiting list, to be in the RN program? I checked some of the other forums, but there a little late.
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  3. by   jamiepenny12
    Hi, I'm currently on the waitlist and have an official start year of 2019. The majority of people I know in the program have only waited a year. 2 years at the most. People who applied not even a month before me(Aug 2017) are being asked to start this fall. It just depends on when you apply. They are currently placing people in 2020 at the moment. The sooner you apply, the better! Good luck!
  4. by   CallMeAsh
    Thank You for responding. Do you know how many students they accept for one year/class?
  5. by   jamiepenny12
    I believe they grant 128 students a year during the fall semester. Many people fail or drop out. Therefore, they are always asking people to start a year early, even if the semester is starting in a week. I don't mean to scare you with telling you people fail, but it's quite easy to because our grades have to be 3.0+ in order to stay in the program. If you don't work, have children or other responsibilities, you should be fine! I've seen many get all the way through while having children, some even pregnant! Overall, Schoolcraft has an amazing program and I have not heard one bad review. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   Bcollins94
    I just graduated from Schoolcraft's program. I was on the wait list for a year but got all of my BSN & co-req classes out of the way during that time so it didn't really matter. I loved the program and feel that it is one of the better ones in the area, although I guess I'm a little biased 😋