respiratory therapist at HFCC

  1. Hi I'm wondering if anyone is going into respiratory therapy at HFCC? I just got a letter to attend the orientation meeting this month, but the letter says that I am number 37 and they only accept 28 for the fall 2010 semester. They want me to attend the meeting in case they do not fill the seats and I may be accepted into the fall 2010 program.. Just wondering if anyone knows the chances of me getting in this year? This makes me so nervous and confused
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  3. by   Hudini
    You might get in,but I would go with nursing if possible. At this time, thare are not many jobs in respiratory.
  4. by   yasy21
    i was going to nursing but when i found out about RT i seemed like it just fit me better. actually there is a major shortage in RTs and they are on high demand..
  5. by   Hudini
    I would suggest you to google Respiratory Therapist Forum.....There are alot of new grads,some have been out for over a year and can not find employment. I was going to go respiratory myself, but have been accepted for the nursing program. Good Luck
  6. by   MsAshley
    Are u currently attending HFCC right now? I heard someone in my chem class talking about this program today. I have never really heard of an RT what exactly do they do?
  7. by   yasy21
    yes I do attend HFCC, the program is suppose to be one of the best in the nation. im hoping to get into the program this fall, im keeping my fingers crossed. if you go under HFCC website it should give you all the info you need on RTs. this is what I found that summarizes the occupation.

    Respiratory therapists are health care professionals, dedicated to providing life-supporting, life-enhancing
    care to newborns, children, adults and the elderly. Respiratory therapists work under qualified medical
    direction to assess, treat, manage, provide diagnostic evaluation, educate and care for patients with
    deficiencies and abnormalities associated with the cardiopulmonary system. Therapists work throughout
    hospitals, most often in intensive care units and emergency settings. Therapists are a special blend of
    patient-centered caregivers and technically sharp, analytical thinkers. Some therapists concentrate on
    pulmonary rehabilitation and continuing care in patient homes or extended care facilities while others
    specialize in pediatric/neonatal care. The respiratory therapist may also work in areas such as
    cardiopulmonary diagnostics, medical equipment sales, management and education.
  8. by   yasy21
    Hudini, MI is hiring alot of RTs if you click on this link you will see the jobs available
  9. by   Hudini
    How did the meeting go? Any chance of getting in?
  10. by   yasy21
    yes i did attend the meeting, it was very informative. i still don't know if i got in yet but i was told that they are accepting 30 im number 36 and a few pple that were accepted didn't even show up to the meeting. ill find out late may hopefully...
  11. by   Hudini
    Any word on getting in? I noticed only 8 people have registered on web advisor.
  12. by   yasy21
    well she sent out the next batch of letters which was 6 and i was number 7.... now i am number 1, so if any of the 6 do not reply then i get in... so i really dont know what my chances are, its killing me!!! im anxious to know if im getting in because my husband is in the caribbean for med school and he wants me to move with him i i don't get in ill move but if i do im staying.

    what do you mean by web advisor? is everyone suppose to sign in or something?
  13. by   Hudini
    When you look for the classes in the fall...under search for classes...only 9 people have registered for classes....Are you saying 24 people have already submited their deposit?
  14. by   yasy21
    i don't know how many people have submitted their deposit, all she told me was 6 people rejecting their seat and she moved down the list and sent out 6 additional letters. i missed it by 1 so if any of the 6 declines their seat i get in. the deadline for the 6 was either today or monday because he gives them 14 days then moves on.