New career in Nursing, help! :)

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm a 23 year old guy who just separated from the AF, and i've been looking into doing Nursing for quite some time now. My mother has been a Nurse for 26 years and was a big influence on my decision.

    I live near MCC and have applied for the program there (3.7 GPA -could be better! and I dunno about my HESI scores yet as I take it on Friday), and i'm looking to get into nursing one way or another.

    I know most schools have huge waiting lists for years and years, however time is not on my side as I am currently unemployed. Basically, if I don't get into the RN program, does anyone know of any programs in MI for an LPN or CNA position that I don't have to struggle to get into? Or that have a reasonable waiting time?

    Share the wealth! The AF needs me back as a Nurse officer
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  3. by   mimmy
    I graduated from MCC 11 years ago. I hear it is just as hard to get accepted today as it was back then. We had to use our total GPA though, not just the last 12 credits. I know alot of the people that didn't make MCC, went to St. Clair Community College. They do not have the huge amount of applications that Macomb does.
    By the way...THANKS FOR SERVING!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope this helps, Kim
  4. by   mom2is
    How did the HESI go? I agree with the other poster about applying to St Clair Co. I applied to both and got into both.
    Good luck!
  5. by   justjenny
    Congrats on your decision!
    I am assuming that you need a job first and foremost. I don't personally know of any CNA programs and I don't know your knowledge level in the medical field (medical terminology, etc.) but you may just want to begin applying for nursing assistant positions at local hospitals.
    What I can suggest for Macomb is to get your GPA to a 4.0. I graduated from there one year ago and everyone in my class was a 4.0 getting into the program. We did not have to take the HESI as our entrance exam at that time and they used our last 12 credits for consideration into the program. I took the "easy" pre req classes first (to guarantee my 4.0)
    I don't know that I would recommend St. Clair...I may try Oakland Community college first.
    Good luck!
  6. by   Dabuggy
    Pick up the employment guide, they have CNA programs in them. It may not cost you if you are unemployed. The Red Cross had/has a CNA program. Like Jenny said, apply at St. Clair, take prereq's close to home to keep cost down. I took prereq's at Macomb, then transfered to Kirtland (Roscommon, near Higgins Lake) because I was excepted.