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    I am new to this site and hoping to get plenty of information. I am a student planning on transferring to Madonna University to get into the nursing program. But I do want to know quite a few things first. I initially wanted to become a teacher, but I went through plenty of there options and finally chose Nursing. However, I'm a bit scared to take the Teas Entrance exam that consists of 40 questions and could only be retaken once! I was hoping anyone who took the exam to enter Madonna University's Nursing Program could fill me in on how their experience was with the exam and what to expect! I would appreciate it.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   mmh2
    They changed the entrance exam from the TEAS to the ATI critical thinking test. i have not taken it yet, but will soon. Currently searching for review and prep materials.
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    Hey!! I went to madonna for a semester.. GREAT school. I did take the entrance exam for nursing twice. Unfortunately, I didn't pass. I was two points away!! But let me tell you some advice. It is all critical thinking. for example.. " there are two dogs. In the winter they are cold. What does this mean in the summer?" It's just stuff to get you thinking. But if I were you I would Google critical thinking exams on Google and the questions are similar. Some are tricky and some are common sense. But I do advise you to work on your timing. Try to work on being able to read the question and answer it in a minute.. Since the test is 40 questions 40 minutes. I did not prep for this exam whatsoever.. I am sure if you prepare for it while doing some critical thinking exams online, you will get s hint on what to expect for the exam. Don't be nervous. There is always a second time you can take it. I wish you the best of luck