HFCC Winter of 2018

  1. Hello everyone,

    I plan to apply for the winter 2018 class and just wanted to start a thread for all the ones who will be applying also. I am very nervous as I don't think I have enough points!

    Can someone shed some light on how many points you had and got accepted?

    thank you all in advance
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  3. by   Jcmd
    Hey I'm applying for the winter of 2018 as well. I went to a orientation they had the other day and the nursing advisor said to aim for 40 or 45 points. You can go to their website and sign up to go to one of the orientations. Tons of great info and get the deadlines and ask questions. And you're not the only nervous one trust me.. But best of luck!! (:
  4. by   Hannah1999
    Many thanks Jcmd! I attended one of these while ago, but forgot most of what was said! however, that is comforting to hear. fingers crossed and best of luck to you as well. May we all be accepted
  5. by   Hannah1999
    Good morning everyone,

    I put my application yesterday with the school. So, fingers crossed. I am a bit scared though because there were many applicants and many of them have much higher points!
  6. by   NrseJen
    I applied Thursday. I'm so stinking excited! I have never wanted August to end more in my life!
  7. by   Hannah1999
    that is exciting time for sure for all of us.

    I am very scared and excited at the same time! I don't think that I have much points and that is why I am very scared....

    I actually had a nightmare that I forgot to go there on the right day to apply! that's how much I am stressing out about it.
  8. by   NrseJen
    I know the feeling. If you don't mind me asking, how many points do you have? I think a previous said you needed 40-45.
  9. by   Hannah1999
    I don't mind at all, I had 55 points. when I was there and the lady was checking applicants papers to make sure they have everything. Almost everyone had other degrees, or other certificates which means that they had way higher points than myself. That's why I feel so nervous and stressed out that I may not make it!

    How about you, how many points you had?
  10. by   NrseJen
    I was stalking previous years on all nurses. People got in with 50. I have 65. I am worried, too. It is what it is. I did the best I could do. I have plan B, C, D.... etc. Good thing I'm so busy. I think I would go crazy waiting around doing nothing.
  11. by   Hannah1999
    I totally understand. I also will be taking one of the co-reqs in the meantime to make sure I get it out of the way.

    time is going to slow though and I am trying not to think about it a lot.

    best of luck to you dear
  12. by   NrseJen
    Best of luck to you! Hopefully, we'll be classmates soon!
  13. by   NrseJen
    Anyone else anxious to hear? I feel like it's taking forever!
  14. by   mscjk
    Quote from NrseJen
    Anyone else anxious to hear? I feel like it's taking forever!
    I applied for the Winter 2018 rotation as well. I refresh my email all day, everyday. Even on Labor day, as if anything magical was going to happen. This is the longest month of my life!