Hfcc nursing program

  1. Hello all, I just got on the long waitlist at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI. I am just wondering when I do finally get in, how many hours a week does the program consist of?

    Thank you, Amanda
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  3. by   Do-over
    Try a search on Henry Ford, or look through the Michigan forums. I know there are many posts about HF over there.
  4. by   tonyal
    classes are 2 days a week at 3 hours a day, clinicals are 2 days a week and are around 8 hours long. this does not include all the time you will be reading or in the lab practicing the skills you are learning.
    one piece of advice, be flexible for your life is no longer your own. your life will be HFCC and they will run you crazy, your schedule will change and you will have to just flow with it, you might have a test one day and the very next will be your final. but it is way worth it if you ask me.
  5. by   MsAshley
    I will be applying to HFCC after this semeseter. How long did they say that the wait list was?
  6. by   sunkissedmspriss
    I have been on the "waitlist" since October 2008. So it has been 16 months so far, I was told I might get in for may, and if not may for sure august. So when its all said and done, I will have been waiting for 19 months or 22 months.