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  1. Hi All,

    I am new to this site, just got my nursing invite for the fall semester. I have been on the waitlist since Jun 23 08. Reading all these forums on HFCC is making me kind of nervous I have to admit. I really do not know what to expect. My meeting is not until Jul 7th but I am trying to get some enough before than. What are the clinicals like in the first semester. When will I know what my clinical hours?? is that during registration? Hmmm, I am pretty decent at math, i went up to Calculas and I got an A in pharmacology online however I can honestly say I didn't learn too much due to the online atmosphere. Any help or suggesstions on the first semester on what to expect would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   tonyal
    i just finished my first semester, so heres my answers to the questions.
    what are the clinicals like in the first semester? first you will have lab and will learn what you need to know for clinical. when you go to the hospital you will get report from a nurse( the one that has your patient) and take vitals, do an assessment and eventually pass meds and give injections.
    when will i know what my clinical hours?? i think it was during the second week we signed up for the clinical spot.

    besides that, you will learn everything,the pharmacology and math that you need to know from your instructor. take the math and pharmacology tests seriously, while not really hard you do need a certain percent to stay in the program. there is going to be a ton of stuff thrown at you in the first few weeks. do it as you get it and keep up with the reading and modules or you will be lost. i got the test for success and the study guide to help me understand the tests. the questions are way different than the previous tests you will have taken. oh and you will be given a med. term booklet. learn them all according to the test. oh and if you have any problems, go to the instructor right away dont wait til you are ready to take the test. and go see the test afterwards.
  4. by   lola3320
    Thanks for the update. I appreciate it. I wish I could get into the Winter Semester but they told me if i defer, they couldn't gaurantee me a spot in the winter semester It sounds so much better in the winter, especially with the nights and weekends option. I am not sure if they are doing that for the fall enrollees. How do you like it so far?
  5. by   tonyal
    I like it, but the nights/weekends class is actually having day classes in the fall. so it kinda messed with my schedule, but oh well only 3 more semesters to go. i liked my instructors and the people in my class were really nice.
  6. by   lola3320
    Thank you, super helpful. I hope they do nights and weekends in the fall, that would be perfect for me but I am no going to hold my breath
  7. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    I agree with everything tonyal said, but wanted to add that the 2nd semester isn't nearly as crazy as the 1st one, so don't get scared off. There are a bunch of online tests during the 1st semester too.

    I can't stress enough that it's best to tackle and finish everything as soon as you get it - online tests, portfolio, etc. Those who waited were really struggling to finish while studying for tests.

    Good luck to you. I love HFCC.
  8. by   MsAshley
    I'm applying to the Nursing Program after I finish my last pre req this semester. I was wondering is the waiting list really as long as people are saying?? Are there other things that I should be doing while waiting (because I only have maybe one or two classes to take left of the co reqs) I am excited already and haven't even been placed on the wait list. Is there any type of way you can move up the list faster??
  9. by   tonyal
    while waiting I took med. term I also took patho. both these have given me a good base to work from and I have refered back to my notes from these classes.
  10. by   MsAshley
    Thanks for responding! Does it help you move up at all if you have all the classes already completed? Or is it just by whatever name you are on the list? I am just really anxious for the semester to be over so I can at least know I am on my way at one school! Plus I have heard nothing but good things about HFCC. but also some horror stories about people seeing others pass them to get into the program while they are still waiting. Does that happen often?
  11. by   tonyal
    as far as i know it is done by when you get on the list. I love it there. if your classes are all done you may get in for winter before someone that doesnt have all the classes done but that had got on it before you , since the winter is an accelerated prgm. otherwise it is as you got on it.
  12. by   MsAshley
    Which program are you currently in? I have heard that the accelerated program is hectic! I am more so interested in the night/weekend program mainly because I am working right now. I definitely don't want to quit since I already work for a hospital and I know the more seniority the easier it would be for me to find a job later since I would find one within my system. I am sorry if I am asking too many questions its just I'm glad to find someone I can ask all my my questions too How long did you have to wait to start?
  13. by   tonyal
    I was put on the list dec 07 started winter 09 I got my letter 10 months after getting on the list. my class joined the one that started over the summer so I had my summer off last year, but will be done in august this year.
  14. by   MsAshley
    I guess 10 months isnt THAT bad. Especially not when I have been hearing some people have waited 22-26 months to get into the program. Although I would really prefer to go to the program there I am also going to take the classes needed to get on other wait lists as well. I'm just going to pray that I get in sooner than expected!