EMU Second Degree (Accelerated) BSN program

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was just admitted into Eastern's Second Degree BSN program that starts Fall 2009!!!!!

    Anyone else out there?

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  3. by   wannabeanurse84
    Also, is anyone in the program right now? Can you give me advice? I found the 2nd degree group on fb but they denied me twice!!! I was hoping to get some questions answered....not very nice :0
  4. by   MelBell2005
    Hi! wannabeanurse84,
    I finally found your posting. Nothing in the mail for me yet! Hopefully tomorrow!
  5. by   wannabeanurse84

    I started a FB group called "EMU Second Degree BSN, Class of 2011" Request to join!!!!
  6. by   wannabeanurse84
    About the group: " This group is for the EMU Second Degree BSN Program, Class of 2011 If you're wait listed and want to keep tabs on what's going on, feel free to join. All are welcome!!!! Feel free to share your knowledge about classes, living situations, financial aid, or even finding the right stethoscope! Once the program starts, we could probably get some study groups started on here! I know we'll need them "
  7. by   kfitz

    I will be starting the 2nd degree program also this fall!! I'm excited. I do not know much about the program yet - still waiting for paperwork from EMU.
  8. by   kfitz
    Hello to wannabeanurse, I got your message but do not know how to reply. I do have a email at emu.
  9. by   MelBell2005
    Hi kfitz,
    Congratulations on your acceptance at EMU! I am unfortanately an alternate.
  10. by   kfitz
    Quote from wannabeanurse84

    I started a FB group called "EMU Second Degree BSN, Class of 2011" Request to join!!!!

    Hi there!

    I went to your face book and requested to join. I think we are class of 2010! EMU started the program early. It was suppose to start Jan 2010 (16 month program) but they started it a semester early!
  11. by   wjohns13
    Hello all congrats on your acceptance into the program. My name is Wachauna and I just graduated in April. We were EMU's first 2nd degree group, and so hopefully some of the issues we had, you will not. We began our program with 32 and during the first sememster after 250 we lost 5 students and then lost another 1 after the 2nd semester. I won't lie to you this program is intense. You are doing in 7.5 weeks what the traditional students are doing in 15 weeks. During our fundamentals class which is nurs208/209 we had a exam every Monday. It was extremely stressful. I had anxiety throughout most of the program, except towards the end when I realized that I was gonna graduate in a few weeks.

    A good support system is needed and so is a babysitter, back up babysitter, and back up back up babysitter. You cannot miss clinicals and possibly some classes because if you do you will surely miss something important. Remember that this is a new way of thinking. Too the young lady who is on the alternate list, don't worry you'll get in. I too was on the alternate list along with 8 others admitted to our program, the funny thing is that the people who got in, were some of the ones we lost after the first semester. All but one in our class graduated with honors, and all who have taken NCLEX thus far have passed.

    Stay ahead with your work, don't get behind, because if you do playing catch up can be hard. Become good friends with the library and with ******* ***** and ***** *******, believe me they know who I am. Try and get on the committees when the nursing office ask you if you can. I sat on the CARS committee, it feels good to be involved. I sent them an email telling them that some of us would be willing to come talk to you guys at orientation and possibly mentor you. Let them know that you all are interested in this and maybe we can make it happen. Good luck
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  12. by   wannabeanurse84
    Thank you sooo much for the reply!!! This makes me feel soo much better about the program, I'm nervous yet excited too!!!
  13. by   wjohns13
    You'll be fine just survive the first 2 semesters and get through fundamentals, health assessment, and the skills labs and you will be fine. I think for me that and the 3rd semester were the hardest for me. Its gonna be a rough ride, but like I said as long as you stay organized and find a few cohorts who have your back you'll do fine.
  14. by   MelBell2005
    Hi wjohns13,
    That was such an encouraging message!!! I get discouraged being on the alternate list, since I think they already called a few of the students on it, but I did receive the list of stuff to do just in case I do get a phone call to start this fall. It was weird too, Nancy gave some people their number on the list, but she told me she couldn't give that # to me, so I guess I will have to wait and see what hapens!!

    Thanks again for giving us your input!