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Hi Everyone, I was just admitted into Eastern's Second Degree BSN program that starts Fall 2009!!!!! Anyone else out there? ~D :)... Read More

  1. by   wjohns13
    The clipboard is nice, I had one, but honestly I never used it. I never bought scissors either. A pin light is a must have item. I've got some books, that I've been trying to sell on Amazon. I have the Potter & Perry that we used for fundamentals, and I have the smeltzer book from the med-surg class, and a few other books, so when you find out if your still using them let me know and you can buy mine, if you want.

    Our clinical sites were Oakwood Main hospital, U of M (for peds), St. Joe, VA Ann Arbor, St. Mary's (livonia), Garden City Hospital, and Oakwood Heritage for psych. My community clinical was the furthest I had to drive and it was way on the East Side of Detroit. So I guess depending on where you live these places are either close or far. Let me know if you need to know anything else.
  2. by   MelBell2005
    Hi Everyone,
    Has anyboyd on the alternate list got a phone call yet? It is already the 17th of August, so maybe we will hear by the week before orientation. I am just wondering if they will have the alternates that are still left on the list attend orientation. I am still keeping hope that I get a phone call, so we will see what hapens!
  3. by   wjohns13
    I got a phone call like a week before orientation to attend. However I was still not told that I was in the program. I didn't find that out until I showed up at orientation. Good luck to you.
  4. by   MelBell2005
    Thank you!
    We think there are 3 or 4 of us left. 6 people already got phone calls and got their acceptance packages, so I am getting nervous. I am trying not to think about it and just taking it day by day.
  5. by   MelBell2005
    Orientation is a week from tomorrow, I just wonder if they will at least call the few of us that are left either way about attending the orientation or not. I am just trying to plan fall semester. By the way good luck to those who are starting this fall in the program!
  6. by   wjohns13
    They can call you 3 weeks after the semester begins. Three weeks allows someone to catch up, so don't give up hope yet if you haven't been called.
  7. by   MelBell2005
    That was good information! I was thinking about calling, but not sure if I should since I don't want to be a pain, however, if i don't start at EMU I want to take A & P again this fall at a different school since SPMD 201 and 202 won't transfer to other schools beside U of M, so I want to have more options for fall of 2010. I also want to take the CNA class since it will help with my current job. That is why I kind of want to know what is going on.
  8. by   wjohns13
    Hey be a pain. I called them at least once a week, or emailed. Sounds like you have a plan. Good luck to you. What will make you mad is when someone who got into the program fails something after the first semester, and all the alternates are still thriving. In our program we lost 6, and if I'm not mistaken non of those were from the alternate list, but all the ones who came off the alternate list into the program all graduated (with honors). So don't let it get you down, just keep on striving for the best and you will get into a program.
  9. by   MelBell2005
    hi wjohns13,
    thanks for the encouragement and advice! I did e-mail the director and she said I am 3rd to get in and there hasn't been any movement on the list this past week. I asked her are the alternates supposed to attend orientation and her response to me was, "you may attend orientation if you want to". She was kind of vague with me, so I am not sure if I should go and if I don't attend does that mean I lose my spot on the list. Any way, at this point I have to plan that I am not getting the program since my A & P one starts this week and that is a class that I can't blow off. I am taking it at Schoolcraft since it will transfer to other schools. I still have about 5 days to see if any one drops out last minute.
  10. by   Emu2ndbsn2012
    I have put a few messages on the Traditional Thread but it is the Accelerated 2nd degree BSN program to which I have been granted admission for Fall 2010.

    Please post if you have also been admitted to the 2012 graduating class.

  11. by   JessicaH
    Hi Jeff! I am also admitted to the Second Degree Nursing Program at EMU this fall. Congrats!
  12. by   DrivenToDream
    Hi! I have been admitted to the class as well. Can't wait for the Sept. 2 orientation!

  13. by   Emu2ndbsn2012
    Quote from JessicaH
    Hi Jeff! I am also admitted to the Second Degree Nursing Program at EMU this fall. Congrats!
    Congratulations to you also. Have you received a letter after your criminal check? I have not received mine yet.