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  1. Hi! I would like to ask about the gallup assessment for nurses since it is a part now of the hiring process at DMC Sinai Grace Hospital. I had my interview there for a couple of days now and they asked me to finished the gallup assessment so I'm also done with it. Does it have any bearing on my application so as woththe interview with the manager? Any insights about the assessment? Do the hospital will base it's decision from the assessment as well the interview? How long does it gonna take for the nurse recruiter to call me about the result? Are they gonna call me back about being declined for the position or not? Please help me. I don't know if I passed the interview as well as the gallup asssessment. Thanks
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  3. by   Riahsmommy
    Hello. I just got hired @ Sinai-Grace and I have never heard of a gallop assessment done as part of the interview process. All I did was have an interview with a Nurse Manager and I was called back the next day to ask if I wanted employment there at Sinai-Grace. It was a very fast process. I filled out an app on a Thursday and that following Monday the Manager called me in for an interview for the next day. I went in on the interview that Tuesday afternoon, and got a call back the next day asking if i wanted to work for Sinai-Grace.
  4. by   Momonja31
    Hi Rhiahsmommy! When did you got the interview this Tuesday only? Because the Manager told me that it is a new process they are implementing. By the way congratulations. What floor are you in?
  5. by   Riahsmommy
    Hello. Nope I got hired on the 13th of November, orientation is Dec 10th. I'll b on 5W Med/Surg Unit. Ok so its something new they are doing. What exactly is it? And thank you.
  6. by   Momonja31
    Really? Good for you. Congratulations again. The manager told me it's new. It is a web based assessment like what you could bring to the company. Hopefully I passed it. Still nervous though but still hoping that I could get the job. Hope this gonna call me tomorrow
  7. by   Riahsmommy
    Don't worry you will get a call back. When was your interview? What floor was it for and did the manager give you a tour of the unit?
  8. by   Riahsmommy
    Sorry I made a mistake I got hired on the 7th, and did my pre-employment paper work, drug test, shot's and etc on the 13th.
  9. by   Momonja31
    I had my interview last friday yes they give me a tour the unit is med surg 2 west. The manager told me that the gallop assessment was just implemented this week last Monday to be exact. Hopefully and I'm praying too to get the job! Hopefully we could be on the same orientation if everything goes well
  10. by   Momonja31
    Are they the ine who will going to schedule you for all the things you've done last 13th?
  11. by   Riahsmommy
    You went through the hard part already (interview) now all you can do is pray. I don't know if it is standard for them to give you a tour, but I also had a tour and the nurse manager walked me to the elevator once we were finish and said "don't apply anywhere else because we want you here". I was so nervous asking my friends if that sounded like I had the job and they were like "girl yea" . The next day I got that phone call asking me if I wanted the job. I'll keep you in my prayers and hopefully we will be on orientation together next month. Good luck!
  12. by   Riahsmommy
    The Nurse Recruiter scheduled me for everything, she is the one who called me back and said that I had the job and the same day she called she scheduled me to do my pre-employment paperwork, drug test, and etc.
  13. by   Momonja31
    Thank you. Do you have email address?
  14. by   Rose1210
    hi there i had an interview with the case manager in Harper Hospital and also done a job shadowing. are they gonna call me if i got the job? im kinda worried about it. i really really want to start working. thank you