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I took the HESI (95) today and sent my application. Time for the 8-10 week wait! I thought I would start a thread to see if there are any other hopefuls out there.... Read More

  1. by   Suns_Up
    Hi goodgalpal,

    I applied to the Midland campus. I'm glad you were able to catch the mistake. I ended up having to have one of my references redone three times. The first time because I wanted her to polish it up a bit and the second time because I realized I had checked the wrong box. I thanked my boss as I was leaving and she said, "I would say anytime" but I'm afraid you'll bring me another form to fill out.
  2. by   RN2Be4U
    Good Luck to all of you applying. I am currently finishing up the RN portion of the Davenport program--I soooo remember waiting for that letter of acceptance. FYI--I had a 4.0 GPA and scored 86 on the HESI. I wish you all the best of luck
  3. by   goodgalpal
    Okay, it is now June 1st, so we ought to hear something this month.... please post when you hear something, good or bad! I will do the same! *crosses fingers and toes for a good outcome*
  4. by   skitty4444
    hi, RN2bEFU, I am looking into the Davenport LPN-RN program. I am finishing up the Algebra and a Biology redo. I have registered there for fall for the seminar. Can you tell me how are the teachers and clinical instructors. Do you recommend the program? I am hoping to get afternoon clinicals, are they fair about that?
  5. by   Suns_Up2009
    :urgycld: Still no word! We should all hear something in the next 10 days! Best of luck to everyone!
  6. by   songerl
    Hello all..... I too am awaiting to hear my results on Davenports nursing program. I applied to the Warren program. I have been feeling so many different emotions through this whole process that I don't know if I should cry or be happy. I don't know too many "inside" details about this whole process so was hoping that I could share my story and feel better. I am sorry, I just don't have anyone that fully understands my concerns because they are not nursing students.

    I recently started at Davenport this past August. I transferred here from Lansing Community College after a really hard year of nursing school. I actually was accepted and in LCC program. I came down with Mono the last month of my first semester. I could barely get out of bed to brush my teeth let alone go to class. I had doctor notes and every documentation that I could. When it came down to it the board gave me one options wait a year and reapply. I was absolutely devastated. I had spent four years at this school taking classes and working hard. I felt I had invested so much in them and achieved my goal just to have it pulled out from under me. I was at a loss.... I knew I couldn't stay there but didn't know where to turn. I didn't want to give up on nursing but knew I needed a new home. I searched High and low of all the colleges in Michigan. I applied and visited so many. Finally, I walked into Davenport University and was visiting a recurter. We went over my transcripts and reviewed my information. He explained the program and made it seem like if I kept up the same great work I showed at my other college I would have no problems. I feel in love with everyone being over helpful and having questions answered, I was sold! That next week I sat with an advisor and we went over what I needed to apply to the program. I had transfered all the needed classes except for the beg biology and the health class where they do drug test. So I registered for those and I am so close to a BA that I picked to work on my medical case management degree for completion. This past year I finished those two classes along with 32 medical case management credits. I have a 3.87 GPA and scored an 80 HESI test. I took the bio class in Warren and the health class online. I have taken the rest of my medical case management classes online too. My advisor told me that she has has 6 girls apply...5 got in and one didn't and she said it was no surprise that she didn't get in if I knew what she ment. She advised me to get the highest GPA becasue these were the only gpa classes they would see. So I worked my tail off to get the 3.87.... (one B+)

    I was so worked up about this HESI test and studied until I couldn't study any more. I don't know about you guys but I got there and so many different rumors were flying around. A number of girls didn't even study. I heard it didn't mean anything to it was the deciding factor. When I had called to inquire about the process I was told that 60% was GPA 30% was personal essay and letters of recomendation 10% HESI. SO, I can't say anything I heard made me feel ok. I know 80 was what was said to be a good score or ok, so I felt pretty good. TO be honest I was more excited that it was over and I didn't fail than anything. BUT I too have heard people say they know people that got like 50% and lower and still got in. I have also heard people say they heard someones essay got them in. I feel like there is so many ifs and that or this.... gosh!

    I don't know what to believe any more. My advisor acts as in it is no big deal and waht not. I have heard numbers like 1000 apply then I have heard people laugh saying 600 was too many. I guess I don't know what to believe. I have two great letters of recomendation and feel really good about my essay. I have heard so many things like because I am a transfer student who only went here a year I won't get in. BUT I know people can apply that are not even going to this school, and have gotten in. Plus I am afraid that becasue I took classes online that might hurt me... but then my advisor said we consider those classes hard becasue no one on one class contact plus DU thrives on our online education. SO I guess I don't know what to believe or if I should feel good about what I have accomplished.

    I feel like this is it for me.... like my future rides on a letter. I did ask my advisor about does it really take 8-10 weeks and she said YES!!!! SO you guys it has only been 4 weeks, lets keep this in mind and not worry about weeks. I feel like the things I have read I compete with some of the people that have gotten in.

    I applied for the PN warren..... I know it was a little tricky but sense we don't have any degrees in nursing we are going for the diploma or LPN this first year. I wish us all luck and lets keep eachother posted. I have read through everyones "scores" and I feel like we all have a great great chance.
  7. by   Suns_Up

    I really hope the letters go out by the end of this month because according to last year's posts the students who were accepted had their letters by June 27. Maybe I better double check that. Anyway the one good piece of information I did find was so obvious I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. Students were going online to search for classes and if they saw that people were registering for the nursing classes then they new the letters went out. I'm with you. There are so many different stories going around and some of them are true. I know the 2 girls that got in with lower GPA's then me and with like a 50 for a HESI score. It does keep you in suspense. I'm sorry to hear about your situation and I can totally relate to that. Sounds like the kind of luck I would have. Knock on wood. I'm applying to the Midland campus and competing with some really high GPA's. I do wish everyone the best of luck. Like you said let's keep each other posted.
  8. by   Suns_Up
    Hi Songerl,

    I just went back to the old posts and now I'm freaking out a little. Last year they had their acceptance letters by June 23 and had to have all their paperwork and registration money by July 7. Now everday that I check the mail is going to be torture. Anyway :wlcmggrp: and this is the url that you may have to cut and paste to read last years blog. It makes for very interesting reading and you'll be shocked by some of it if you read it from beginning to end. Once again best of luck!

    Davenport University Acceptance Letters for Fall 2008
  9. by   songerl
    Suns Up

    You know what... lets take a step back for one minute. I mean how can you get a letter on the 27 of June or after and have a decision and money in by the 7th of JULY..... that seems way to fast and you don't get much time. I don't know about that. I mean right now is a HUGE vacation time. What if you were gone and so on. PLUS on the application it says we will get back to you in 8-10 weeks. It has only been 5 weeks. I think we should take a step back and breath for one minute. I mean who knows when they started looking at application and what the process is. Where you the one that dropped off you application and the lady opened it and said looks promising? I don't know, I just think we should focus on this year not what last year said happened or so on. Every year they do something different and I have read last years and there was a lot of information that was back and forth if you can tell.

    KEEP POSITIVE!!! Tell yourself this is going to happen and you are ready and you are going to be a nurse. Positive thinking helps. Plus I feel like I did the BEST I could. I got one b+ and have great recomendations, a good essay, I don't know what else I could have done.

    Plus you know two girls who got in with 3.5 and 50 on a HESI......... you have better a better GPA than that. I was told they base it mostly on GPA. Plus my advisor kept telling me over and over you have to do good because these are the only grades they will see... so I worked my little tail off. KEEP POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   songerl
    Suns Up-

    Still nothing.... BUT, I had an advisor call me becasue one of my classes was dropped for summer and if I wanted to add one to do so. I said oh while I have you on the phone I have a question. I explained that I was waiting on my letter for fall to nursing and what my GPA and stuff was. He said oh those should be going out within the next week. This was weds around 4pm. SO, lets cross our fingers. He said my gpa and test score sounded pretty good so if I didn't get in don't think it is becasue I was a transfer student over a year ago. He said that what happens if it comes down to two people they would more or less take the student who has been taking DU classes. I have take 32 credits with them so I consider myself a DU student. Plus I did have to take 2 classes to finish my pre reqs. SO CROSS OUR FINGERS!!! GOOD LUCK SUNSUP!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
  11. by   mal82
    Good Luck to all of you! If you are anything like me you are pretty much thinking about what the mail will bring everyday all day! I applied to Midland with a GPA of 3.97 and a HESI score of 87. I am really regretting not re-taking the HESI but my teachers assured me that my score was good. I know I could have gotten in the 90s if I would have brushed up a bit. Anyone that gets a letter keep us updated!
  12. by   Suns_Up
    mal82. Is this taking forever or what? Happy 4th of July everyone! Please post as soon as you hear something. If I don't get a letter the same time everyone else does than I'm going to assume that I didn't get in. mal82 are you a Midland campus student or just applying to that campus? I thought about applying to the Warren campus. Would that have been possible being that they said to choose one campus?
  13. by   RN_4_life
    UGH!!! still nothing!! This is torture!!!