CNA in west michigan

  1. Hi I am new to the site and just have a question about the CNA course. Where can I find a place to take this class? I tried the Red Cross, but they dont' have one. The community college I have searched in my area (Grand Haven) doesn't have one. If you have the time please let me know how to go about taking this class. I would love to work as a CNA.
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  3. by   BmtTXLVN
    try some of your local Nursing Homes. Sometimes they have work as you learn programs. GOOD LUCK
  4. by   Nurse_Diane
    Try the Allegan County Area Community Vocational Center (in Allegan, MI)

    or Comstock Community Education (in Comstock, MI)

    Good Luck!!
  5. by   cpgmich
    Call some of the larger Holland Nursing Homes, most can help you find what you want!
  6. by   jules3978
    Try checking w/local hospitals. I took my course through a local hospital (in central MI).
  7. by   sarah6678
    If any local community colleges require a CNA certification for entrance into their program, if you call the nursing dept., they will probably also know where to send you.

    I sympathize...It took me forever to get info on the location of CNA programs. There is nothing online!
  8. by   Over50NewCareer
    Walker Medical Services on 4 mile (off Alpine) in Grand Rapids is one place that has CNA training.