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  1. I challenged the California state lvn board (and aced it). I was told by the Michigan board that I could not take their lpn exam for my license because I didn't go to an approved lpn school and that my training as a navy corpsman didn't count. I would like to find an lvn to rn program and just come back as an rn. Will the fact that i obtained my lvn licence this way hurt me in terms of becoming an rn? I would also like to know if there is any lvn to rn programs on-line or even distance learning programs?
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I'm embarrassed to admit my ignorance, but I'm also confused about the titles rn's carry (i.e. a.s.n, a.d.n, b.s.n....etc). I'm not really sure what they mean or the advantages or disadvantages of having them. Again, thank you all! Any and all advise, info, and opinions will and are greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   dragonflyRN
    Not sure what an ASN is...I have an ADN...Associates Degree in Nursing. A BSN is a Bachlors degree in Nursing. No difference in pay. ADN is a 2 year degree. BSN is a 4 year degree. Advantages to the BSN? Required to be in management. What state are you going to go to school in? Where in MI do you plan on living?
    Once you have an RN license, I think that's all that matters. Not sure if they offer LVN to RN classes online. They do offer RN to BSN or MSN online. So get the RN and go from there.
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    i'm originally from outside of ypsi closer to bellville and milan. i may go there or closer to ann arbor (houses much cheaper there than anywhere in cali). i may go to school in cali (near fresno). i cant really afford to stop my full-time job to go to school. i need the money and my family needs the insurance. this is why i'm trying to find out more about on-line and distance learning. i've read several pros and cons on excelsiar(sp), but i'm really woried about the practical part. i dont know if there are any lvn to rn programs available on-line. there is a progarm out here at pacific union that works with my sched, but it is expensive (about 14 grand). i'm lost!