Best Rn to Bsn online programs

  1. What is the best Rn to Bsn program?
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Best in what way? Your question is very broad. Best economically would be between Western Governors University (WGU) and Capella University (via their FlexPath option). Best based on just writing ONLY papers with zero exams and zero discussion groups, that might be Capella University. Best, 100% online without a single requirement to do activities such as in-person interviews, in person site reviews, that might be Capella University. Best as in discussion groups ok, papers are ok, and you want a guaranteed fixed price that is affordable, Aspen University might be the best. You have to define what you mean by best to get the best responses.
  4. by   Maxdog1111111
    Thank you for the input, you are absolutly right. I'm looking for best price and content with not a lot of paper if that's possible.