Anyone in the SE/Detroit Metro area considering Northwestern Michigan College?

  1. Hello everyone!

    Is there anyone living in the southeastern Michigan area who is seriously considering the Northwestern Michigan College RN program? The program offers an ADN with all lecture online; clinicals are in the Traverse City area and are held two to three days per week. Also, as far as I know, the program has NO waiting list.

    I think it sounds like a great program, but driving to Traverse City so often would be cost prohibitive--unless I could join a group of other SE Michiganders doing the same thing, where we could share the cost, driving, etc. (Of course, it would make sense to move up that way while attending the program to keep costs down, but for me, moving in the near future is not possible.)

    So, anyone willing to consider something like this? Just curious. I'm looking at entering in Fall 2010.

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  3. by   Anne Barton-Dempsey
    Hi Wendy,

    Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) has a two semester waiting time once you have completed the required pre-requisite courses to be eligible for admission. It also has scheduled examinations that take place at the college during the semester. While you may be able to commute two or three days a week from SE MI, it would be challenging to do to complete this 2 year program.

    The real focus of this on-line program is to given students an opportunity to study from home yet interact with instructors at campus and clinical. It is not a full distance on-line program such as MSU's RN-BSN Completion or other graduate nurse programs where students are independently completing courses and clinical learning. That type of on-line learning is usually for registered nurses seeking a BSN or more advanced degree.

    You may apply to NMC on-line and get more information by purusing the NMC web through this link:
    http: //

    Good Luck finding the best program that fits your life !

    Anne Barton-Dempsey MSN
    Director of Nursing Programs
    Northwestern Michigan College
  4. by   777RN
    Thank you very much for the helpful information, Ms. Barton-Dempsey. I really appreciate it.